The Perica Effect

326 minutes. One goal. One penalty won. The statistics tell an inaccurate, lackluster story of a player who, in actuality, contributes a significant amount. The truth surrounding Stipe Perica’s influence at Watford lies in his past.   Stipe Perica Pre-Watford The striker started his career in his home nation, Croatia, with NK Zadar. In his firstContinue reading “The Perica Effect”

Why To Keep Hoping That Gerard Deulofeu Will Return

Down 2-0. Twelve minutes left. The opposition support roars in ecstasy, knowing their side is set to go to the FA Cup Final. The only way Wolverhampton Wanderers can lose is to be on the receiving end of one of the most improbable comebacks in recent memory. With Watford’s cup dreams destined for doom, substituteContinue reading “Why To Keep Hoping That Gerard Deulofeu Will Return”