How Much Money Should Watford Seek for Emmanuel Dennis?

Relegation is not imminent, but the odds still say Watford are destined for their second Championship campaign in three seasons. Their placement in the English football hierarchy will determine the course of their summer transfer window: will there be star players arriving if safety is achieved or standouts departing if relegated? With the probability statingContinue reading “How Much Money Should Watford Seek for Emmanuel Dennis?”

Evaluating the Premier League’s Signing of the Summer

Emmanuel Dennis has been the Premier League’s best signing of the summer: there is no simpler way to say it. So far, he has been Watford’s best attacker and defender. The only player who surpasses Dennis, who has six goals and five assists, in goal contributions this season is Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah (thirteen goals, eightContinue reading “Evaluating the Premier League’s Signing of the Summer”